Thursday, April 17, 2008

Postcards and prints of Toby's work for sale

This section of the blog is dedicated to images of soul portrait work that Toby has done that can be purchased in print or postcard format. If you are interested in buying individual or sets of the prints, you can obtain a pricelist and order from by emailing me:

Soul Portraits of the Planetary Masters
The set of images below are based around the archetypal energies of certain spiritual masters who were and are renowned for particular qualities. For example some of the images embody spiritual power, others divine love, the arts and beauty, science & the intellect, and so on.

Soul Portraits of the Seven Ray Archangels
The set of seven images below are based around meditations upon the Archangels of the seven great rays. The seven great rays are fundamental energies within creation, and are said to have an angelic hierarchy that overlights them, at the head of which are the fourteen ray archangels(a male and female Archangel for each ray).

Soul Portraits of Cosmic or Universal Themes
The set images immeditately below are based around meditations on universal or cosmic levels of energy, I enjoyed the process of trying to describe in the format of a flat page ideas that are really somewhat limitless!

Enery Signatures of the Seven Chakras
The seven images in the slideshow below are a free flowing attempt to render visual images that correspond to the seven chakras, or principal energy centres that reside within the human body.

Energy Signatures of the Twelve Astrological Signs and Schools of Life
Like the chakras, in the images of the astrological signs below, I have attempted a free flowing set of circularcompositions, based around the colours and symbols of each of the twelve signs.
These twelve images are avaliable only as a postcard set, price: €11

Energy Signatures of the Seven Ray Symbols
As well as having actual spiritual masters and angelic forces associated with the seven rays, they also have traditional symbols associated with them that I have depicted below, the contemplation or visualization of which can be used as right-brained or intuitive method for absorbing the higher qualities of that particular ray.

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VIC said...

Dear toby,

This is Victoria - YES you can use my soul portrait.

The Planetary Masters Soul Portraits are so very beautiful and soul inspiring.

Keep up the good work.